Bluestacks App Player Review For Windows 10

BlueStacks Android emulator is an application created in the year 2011 by an American technology company called BlueStacks Inc. BlueStacks Android emulator enables Android applications to run on personal computers that run on either the Windows operating system or on Mac OS. The App Player currently runs more than 96% of the Google Play Store apps. The essential features of the application can be downloaded free from the company’s official website and used quickly.

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BlueStacks can run comfortably on different Windows operating systems including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 10. In 2012, BlueStacks Inc. developed and released the Alpha-1 version of the application that would run on Mac OS. A subsequent version called Beta was released in December the same year. In 2015, a fresh version for the Mac OS was released, but development and sustainability were stopped in 2017. In 2018, growth for a newer version was restarted and released into the market in March.

bluestacks review

Other versions of BlueStacks include the BlueStacks 2.0 that allows users to run several Android apps at the same time. This version is the most stable of all the released versions and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.9 and subsequent releases. In 2016 the BlueStacks TV (BTV) was released and was integrated with directly. The integration allowed consumers to stream their apps to Twitch without having to purchase extra software or hardware. Later on, in the same year, the Facebook Live integration was released giving users the chance to stream games using their Facebook profiles.

Later in 2017, BlueStacks 3 was released into the market having a new front-end design and running on a new engine. This version introduced an App Center that had an accounting system, a chat platform, a multi-instance that allowed users to operate several BlueStacks windows via one or multiple Google Play accounts, and would personalize game suggestions.

In January 2018, an upgrade of the BlueStacks 3 was released. Named BlueStacks 3N, the new version was designed to run on Android Nougat (Android 7) and was the only gaming platform at the time to operate on Android 7 as many of other Android emulators conducted on Android KitKat (Android 4.4). In September the same year, BlueStacks Inc. released the BlueStacks 4 which is the latest version and an upgraded version of the BlueStacks 3N. The BlueStacks 4 includes a resource manager that is dynamic and only initializes Android libraries that are required thus making resources more available.

For BlueStacks to run smoothly on a Windows PC, the minimum requirement include Windows XP SP3 or higher, a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) that has Direct X 9.0 or higher abilities, 4 GB of hard drive space, and 2 GB of RAM. Administrator privileges are also required for the app player to run. BlueStacks conflicts with the BitDefender antivirus software and users are advised to disable or uninstall the antivirus software before initializing the App Player. The graphics card driver needs to be updated to the latest version. The latest versions of BlueStacks App Player require higher hardware requirements for the best performance. For the macOS, the minimum standards are operating system macOS Sierra or higher versions, a disk space of 4 GB and 4 GB RAM.

To install the BlueStacks App Player on a PC, users need to visit the official website and download the application setup. Once downloaded, users should then follow the installation steps after initializing the configuration. Once the App Player is installed successfully, users need to launch it, set their preferred language, and link the App Player to a new or already existing Google account.

BlueStacks not only offers the best mobile gaming experience on PC but also give its users opportunities to turn gameplay into real prizes. By playing games, completing selected tasks, and participating in quests, users earn BlueStacks Points which are redeemable in the BlueStacks Store. Items to be redeemed include gaming gear (joysticks, gaming mouse and keyboard), gaming T-shirts, raffle entries and much more. For content creators, BlueStacks offers them an opportunity to earn money for each piece of content they create through the BlueStacks Affiliate platform. By creating content and driving traffic through the BlueStacks affiliate links, individuals receive payouts every time the BlueStacks App is installed.