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Abe George for Brooklyn District Attorney

Abe_HeadshotPolitical Party: Democrat


Office Seeking: Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorney


Opponents: Charles J. Hynes; Ken Thompson


Currently: Attorney


Previously: Assistant District Attorney in Manhattan


Education: NYU (BA), Hofstra University (JD)


Endorsements: New Kings Democrats, National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws


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“In eight years as an Assistant District Attorney, prosecuted narcotics crimes, cracked down on violent gangs, and investigated cold case homicides”


“Served on a city-wide drug task force that cleaned up one of Brooklyn’s most dangerous housing projects”



Issue Platform


  • Bringing an End to Gun Violence – “The District Attorney’s Office must devote additional resources to eradicate guns from the streets, while also putting a stop to the source of these firearms. This can be accomplished through the dedicated investigation into the individuals and organizations that traffic firearms into Brooklyn from outside the city. That is why I recently proposed the creation of a city-wide firearms trafficking agency, as described in an article published in the New York Daily News.”


  • Stop and Frisk – “I believe the lack of public trust comes from the current District Attorney’s failure to stand up against the abuses of “stop and frisk.” … it is precisely the District Attorney who must instruct the police on the law of “stop and frisk,” and it is the District Attorney who must stand up to the police commissioner and city hall when the police do not follow the law.”


  • Marijuana – “The District Attorney’s role is not only to enforce the law, but also to lead the debate in Albany and advocate for policy change in the area of criminal law. … Contrary to Mr. Hynes’ position, I believe it is time to learn from the lessons of Prohibition and start to have an intelligent discussion on the legalization of marijuana in order to better allocate resources towards fighting violent crime.”


  • Protecting Our Children – “Publishing the names of pedophiles, which are already disclosed in public court documents once legal proceedings have commenced, serves as a deterrent to anyone thinking of committing these atrocious attacks on the most vulnerable segment of our population, our children. The pedophiles in this community do not deserve special protection; our children do. “


  • Implementation of an Intelligence Unit – “headed by an executive Assistant District Attorney who would divide Brooklyn into 4 or 5 smaller geographical areas. Each geographical area would be assigned to another dedicated assistant whose job it would be to coordinate on the ground with that area’s police officials, school officials, parole officers, community members and local political officials, to ensure that information regarding crime problems in the area is shared between these groups and the District Attorney’s Office. This information would then be analyzed, and the results would be used to enhance existing cases, as well as to decide where to direct the office’s’ resources for starting long-term criminal investigations aimed at preventing crime before it happens.”


  • Creation of an Identity Theft and Cybercrime Unit – staffed with “specially trained prosecutors and financial analysts who will focus on the investigation of these crimes in their early stages, while identifying not only the criminals on the frontlines, but the larger illicit organizations in which they operate.”


  • Implementation of a Revamped Conviction Integrity Unit -will appoint a “well-respected and experienced” prosecutor to lead the unit, aided by an advisory board of prominent defense attorneys, appellate lawyers, and former judges who would collectively analyze cases where defendants allege actual innocence and recommend which cases to re-investigate.The head of the Conviction Integrity Unit will work hand-in-hand with the Director of Legal Training to ensure that all Assistant District Attorneys are rigorously trained on their legal obligations regarding disclosing exculpatory material.


  • Implementation of Vertical Prosecution – “The current administration utilizes a horizontal or “assembly line” system of prosecution where one victim can deal with multiple prosecutors as a criminal case moves from inception to trial. I would implement a vertical system where one prosecutor would handle each case from start to finish. This system is optimal for two reasons. First, it best prevents against wrongful convictions because one prosecutor will be able to determine if a victim’s version of events remains consistent throughout the entirety of the case. Second, victims will benefit by being able to develop a relationship with one prosecutor, who stays with them throughout the case.”
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