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Race Overview: Mayor

Candidate Profile: Erick Salgado (School Choice)

Erick Salgado (School Choice)

Political Party: School Choice
Office Seeking: Mayor
Opponents: Bill de Blasio (D, Working Families)  Jack Hidary (Jobs and Education)  Adolfo Carrion Jr. (I)  Joe Lhota (R, C)  Randy Credico (TWS)  
Currently: Pastor
Previously: Founder of Radio Cantico Nuevo Inc. Radio Ministry, Pastor at Iglesia Jovenes Cristianos (Young Christian) Church
Education: Boricua College (AA), UTI University (PhD)
Endorsements: NYS Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz Sr.

Erick Salgado Campaign Kick Off


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Vision for New York City


Salgado seeks to address what he sees as a “broken city,” in terms of public safety, health, immigration, and other issues. He promises to “work together to repair this City and make it work for all of us. I will work for all the boroughs. will work for all the cultures. I will work for all the races. I will work for all New Yorkers.”




Economic Development:



Salgado proposes to: Focus government programs on helping New Yorkers make it on their own, immediately.

Push to end the government procedures that often force people to take a full-day off from work just to get the government assistance.


Small Business

Salgado proposes to: Limit the bureaucracy that prevents small businesses from thriving.

Give tax incentives to encourage small businesses to hire additional workers.

Push for legislation that prohibits the proceeds from fines levied against small businesses from going into the City’s treasury.



Salgado proposes to: Provide tax incentives to bring manufacturing back to New York City, targeting clean and emerging hi-tech, bio-tech and nanotech industries.




Education Overview

Salgado proposes to: Increase vocational programs, and incentivize community colleges to create more programs for students working full-time jobs.

Hold teachers more accountable.

Raise the dropout age from 16 to 18.

Address high drop out rate.

Rent school space to organizations when school is not in session.


Charter Schools

Salgado supports charter schools.


English Language Learners and Special Education

Salgado proposes to: Raise dropout age from 16 to 18 to help keep Latino students in school, because when a child cuts school, an ACS case is opened and ACS ends up pushing Latino kids out of school.


Equal Opportunities and Civil Rights:



Salgado believes that since NYC cannot control Albany or Washington, local action must be taken action right now – before election day – to develop fair policies to address NYC’s tens of thousands of undocumented residents.

Supports a City ID card and state licenses for undocumented immigrants.



Salgado opposes legalization of same-sex marriage.



Salgado proposes to: Properly fund senior centers and programs for NYC’s seniors.

Maintain funding to senior services.


Fiscal Management:


Public Employee Contracts and Negotiations

Salgado plans to be the first person in and last person out of negotiations with the unions, and will not be arrogant in negotiations, but raises and benefits depend on what money NYC has, and what the next mayor inherits.


Land Use:


NYCHA and Public Housing

Salgado opposes NYCHA infill plan because the recreational facilities on NYCHA property are important to quality of life.

Believes the Latino community keeps getting displaced from NYCHA housing to go to apartments where rent keeps getting raised.

Proposes to: Use resources to address problems within NYCHA.


Real Estate Development

Salgado proposes to: Encourage developers to build superstorm-resilient on the shores, and 30% of those units should be affordable housing.

Promote development of affordable housing for purchase, not just for rent.


Policing and Community Safety:


Stop and Frisk

Salgado opposes the current execution of the stop and frisk policy, as it currently embarrasses people who are stopped and frisked.


Recreation, Arts, and Culture:


Sporting Venues

Salgado supports soccer stadium in Flushing Meadows Corona Park.




Sanitation Overview

Salgado proposes to: Ensure that corner litter cans are emptied regularly.

Create programs that deal with the litterers.

Clarify information regarding NYC recycling program.




Transportation Overview

Salgado proposes to: Invest adequately in streets and highways.

Utilize innovative technologies to speed traffic flow.


Bicycle Use

Salgado believes bike lanes should only exist in neighborhoods in which the community wants them and where a need and proven utilization exist.


Parking and Ticketing

Salgado proposes to: Create additional on-street parking spaces.

End practice of using parking tickets as a revenue source for the City.


Other Positions: 

Salgado opposes Sheldon Silver staying on as NYS Assembly Speaker.




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