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Race Overview: Queens Borough President

Candidate Profile: Everly Brown (D)

Everly Brown (D)

Political Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: Queens Borough President
Opponents: Melinda Katz (D)  Peter Vallone Jr. (D)  
Currently: Real Estate Developer, 501 Manhattan Corporation
Previously: Ran for State Assembly for the 29th District; City Council for the 31st District; State Senate for the 14th District; and District Attorney for Queens.

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Brown has centered his campaign around promoting transparent government and national debt reduction, as well as providing quality education for the children in his district. Brown also supports an online forum for constituents to raise their concerns and get feedback.


Reasons for Running:

“We can no longer use an entrenched, career politician, who is controlled by party bosses and special interests. We have had enough of self-serving elected officials. We need a Queens Borough President who will work for the public interest. Queens is not for sale and currently, the other candidates have a war chest, and I am starting from the beginning, and I am asking support of ten dollars or more from over 13,000 citizens.”


“Obama’s first race, there was no politician that stood up for Obama in Queens. I was the only one that stood up for him and closed my real estate office for eleven months to make sure he had visibility in Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island. I gave President Obama my office for his grass roots campaign office free of charge. I will be seeking the endorsement of President Obama.”