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Manuel Caughman (CD 27)

Political Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: City Council District 27
Opponents: Bryan Block (CD 27)  Joan Flowers (CD 27)  Greg Mays (CD 27)  I. Daneek Miller (D)  Sondra Peeden (CD 27)  Clyde Vanel (CD 27)  
Currently: Community Liaison to New York State Assembly
Previously: Small Business Owner (Laundromat); US Air Force
Endorsements: Queens County Democratic Party, Congressmen Joseph Crowley and Gregory Meeks, Assemblyman William Scarborough, Reverend Floyd Flake; The Guy R. Brewer United Democratic Club; New American Democratic Organization of NYS; The United For Progress Democratic Club, Inc.; Reverend Henry T. Simmons, St. Albans Congregation Church; Bishop Charles Norris Sr., Pastor Emeritus, Bethesda Missionary Baptist Church; Reverend Phillip Craig, President of National Action Network – Queens Chapter; Reverend Victor Hall, Calvary Baptist Church; Reverend Calvin Rice, New Jerusalem Baptist Church; Reverend Dr. James Barnwell; Carlisle Towery, President, Greater Jamaica Development Corp.; Bob Richards President, Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

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From Manuel Caughman’s campaign website:

Born, raised and educated in South Carolina, Manuel Caughman as a youth, served his country four years in the U.S. Air Force where he was honorably discharged. He then relocated to Springfield Gardens Queens, where he raised his family, and considers it to be his home.

After a distinguished career as a route salesman and the first black assistant shop steward at Entenmann’s Bakery, Manny moved on and established a business right here in Southeast Queens. As the owner of a Laundromat he not only provided a service to the community but also provided jobs to the youths in the neighborhood.

As an advocate for the community, Caughman maintains membership in several civic organizations and has been recognized and honored by local elected officials and civic organizations alike. Manny as he is fondly called, has received several distinguished awards for the role he has played in improving the quality of life in Southeast Queens. Under his leadership the Brinkerhoff Action Association, was honored for their groundbreaking environmental advocacy by the Citizens Committee for New York City. Also N.Y.P.D.’s former Commander of Queensboro South, Assistant Chief Fox, awarded Manny the Community Service Award at the annual “Night Out Against Crime” for his contribution to crime deterrence in Southeast Queens. Manuel Caughman has made numerous speeches and presentations at local political clubs, churches and Town Halls on environmental and other issues both as an aide to Assemblyman William Scarborough and in his role as a community leader.

His greatest concern is for the environment, chiefly the cleanup of the Westside Toxic Site. To this end he has received extensive media coverage.

Manny has a proven track record which include the following accomplishments:

  • Improved relations between community and local police precincts.
  • Developed a plan for successful campaign to curtail commercial traffic in our residential neighborhood.
  • Creation of an aid and relief fund to assist the needy in the community.
  • Improved relations between an industrial district and local residents.
  • Planned, coordinated and sponsored annual street festivals for the Southeast Queens youth
    and young adults fostering community involvement an empowerment. This event has received
    acclamations from local officials.
  • Successful lobbying against a local school bus company to limit bus traffic as a
    “quick route” through our community to their depot.
  • Coordinated and assisted in pruning of trees in our community with the help of local elected officials.
  • Coordinated and assisted in the planting of fifteen hundred daffodils as a tribute to the victims of
    the World Trade Center.


“Caughman, a community liaison in state Assemblyman William Scarborough’s (D-St. Albans) office, said if elected he would support a Council-approved panel of educators to select the city’s next schools chancellor. When asked about violence in schools, he said he was in favor of police using controversial body scanners as a way to stem violence that pours from the streets into school hallways.”