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Raquel Batista (CD 15)

Political Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: City Council District 15
Opponents: Kenny Agosto (CD 15)  Albert Alvarez (CD 15)  Joel Bauza (CD 15)  Joel Rivera (CD 15)  Cynthia Thompkins (CD 15)  Ritchie Torres (D)  
Currently: Consulting Attorney
Previously: Board Member for Planned Parenthood of New York City, Adjunct Professor for John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Vice-President for Vantage Properties
Education: Manhattan College (B.A.), CUNY Law School (J.D.)

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Key Issues:


Immigration: Batista aided in having NMCIR become one of the lead organizations in the immigrant rights movement, assisting over 6,000 families a year, organizing citizenship drives and forums in the Bronx and Northern Manhattan and bringing the voice of families impacted by the deportation.

Women’s Rights: Batista is pro-choice and an advocate of NARAL of New York

Education: Batista wants to make full-time pre-Kindergarten a priority in the city’s budget. She supports a moratorium on school closures and co-locations as well as expanded after-schools programs and jobs for youth.

Health/Nutrition: Supports community gardens, working with business owners to expand healthy options, educating the public on the importance of healthy eating, as well as expanding access to quality healthcare.

Housing: Wants additional funding for the proactive code enforcement program, increased oversight of landlords who abuse the law or overcharge on rent, and create a new city loan program to help landlords reduce asthma triggers in apartment buildings.

Business: Supports the East Tremont Business Improvement District (BID), wants to expand access to financing options for those looking to start new businesses, and protect local taxicab owners and drivers. Also supports increases to the minimum wage and expansion of the city’s new paid sick day policy.

Crime/Policing: Opposes Stop and Frisk and supports the Community Safety Act.

Arts and Technology: Wants to prioritize funding for a new arts and technology center in the district and expand arts education in neighborhoods and schools.



From the Candidate:


Batista has stated that “Comprehensive U.S. immigration reform must include a real path to citizenship, end to family petition backlogs, family reunification, no more deportation, saying “No” to the wall between the U.S. and Mexico, ‘No’ to employer sanctions and ‘Yes’ to real worker protections.”