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Sean Gardner (CD 8)

Political Party: Democrat
Office Seeking: City Council District 8
Opponents: Ralina Cardona (CD 8)  Gwen Goodwin (CD 8)  Tamika Humphreys (CD 8)  Melissa Mark-Viverito  Ed Santos (CD 8)  
Currently: Senior Pastor and CEO at Missionary Baptist Church
Previously: Detective at NYPD
Education: North Carolina State (BA), Christian Bible Institute & Seminary (M.Div.)

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About Sean Gardner:


According to his campaign website:


“Rev. Dr. Sean P. Gardner is the Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of the East Ward Missionary Baptist Church, located in the Village of East Harlem, New York. Dr. Gardner has not only been the senior pastor of the East Ward Missionary Baptist Church for the last 20 years; but has also completed a 20-year career in the New York City Police Department as the rank of Detective. Dr. Gardner decided to trade in his uniform and preaching robe when the residents of the 8th District NYC Council expressed ongoing concerns to him within their communities, and decided to run for the New York City Council.”



Key Issues:


Crime/Stop and Frisk:  Gardner advocates for getting “guns off the street” and also says he wants to, “Work with the police department to amend Stop and Frisk or eliminate it after proper review of the statistical data. Create job training programs and employment opportunities for young adults, so they won’t be idle. Promote and sponsor neighborhood watch, advocacy and initiatives that empower the constituents to be proactive in decreasing crime to minimize police involvement. Mend the relationship between the community and police department. Create trust.”



Education:  On education, Gardner has said, “We need to ensure that public school education in East Harlem and the South Bronx will properly prepare young people for college/work and not just teaching to the state test. Our kids need to be prepared beyond tomorrow.”  He has also pledged, “To promote and sponsor innovative educational initiatives that give students additional support to surpass just passing grades. Student will have the opportunity to share their talents, learn and enhance their educational experience. In addition, East Harlem and South Bronx students will be exposed to more of the programs that are low cost or free which are offered by the City, CUNY, and other learning facilities.”



Housing:  Gardner wants to “Preserve and create new affordable housing. Be proactive in addressing the NYCHA and luxury rentals infill process. Address the concerns of the constituents regarding NYCHA building on their parking lots and land to create luxury housing. We need to work together to ensure that we make our presence known in the community.”



Employment:  Gardner says, “While jobs may be on the rise, we have to look at for whom they are on the rise . We need to create more employment, and advanced training opportunities for East Harlem and South Bronx young adults.”  He plans to, “Work with small businesses and corporations to create job opportunities for our young adults. Sponsor and promote job fairs, and advance training opportunities. Support mentoring and entrepreneurship programs.”