New York City: Dedicated to Mayor Bill De Blasio, by Ramya Ramana

The following poem is by New York City’s 2014 Youth Poet Laureate Ramya Ramana. Ms. Ramana delivered it at Mayor Bill de Blasio’s inauguration at City Hall on January 1, 2014. The text of the poem is below, and here is video, via The New York Times, of Ms. Ramana reciting it at the inauguration.

  • New York City: Dedicated to Mayor Bill De Blasio
  • A constellated skyscraper, moving gracefully to jazz beat,
  • Finding the Gil Scott Heron in her footwork.
  • Gripping the street lights like an eclipse of hymnals.
  • The lost voices, the heart’s devotion to beat and pulse, slow dancing kernels.
  • Home to hustle. Home to work hard, dream harder.
  • Home to move in silence- let success shatter the glass of hostage echoes.
  • New York City- not lights, not Broadway, not time square

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