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Race Overview: Bronx Borough President

Also appearing on the General Election ballot:

Elizabeth Perri (Conservative) and (R)


Post-Primary Update


Ruben Diaz Jr continues his heavily favored re-election bid into the Bronx Borough President general election



Race Overview


Popular current Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. is seeking reelection. Diaz Jr. is being challenged in the Democratic primary, which he will win easily, and by Green Party candidate Carl Lundgren, in the general. Lundgren had previously declared his intention to run for City Council in the 18th district, but shifted to the Bronx Borough President race because, as stated on his campaign facebook page about Diaz Jr., “someone needs to take him to task for the indifference he shows to the needs of the residents of the Bronx and for his political posturing and arrogance. Someone needs to run against him who has no fear of political or personal reprisal.”


Diaz Jr. first came into office in an April, 2009 special election after then-Borough President (and current mayoral candidate) Adolfo Carrion Jr. took a position in the first Obama administration. Diaz Jr. then won reelection in November of 2009 and now seeks reelection in 2013. He is often referred to as a rising star in New York City politics with strong popular support in his borough, and as a potential future mayor of the city.




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