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Race Overview: Brooklyn Borough President

Also appearing on the General Election ballot:

Elias J. Weir


Post-Primary Update


Eric Adams is the Democratic nominee, having run unopposed after John Gangemi was disqualified for not submitting enough petition signatures.


Post-Primary Quotes:


Plans as Brooklyn Borough President:

“I want to invest in people. One of my ideas is a boroughwide financial literacy program. We’ll team up with banks to teach people how to raise their credit scores and save for college or purchase a home.”


Plans for Spending Capital Funds:

“The key to turning around any community is the arts industry. Artists go into hard communities, turn them around and then we throw them out. I want to use capital money to create art spaces so artists can work and also teach theater and dance to residents. Take Brownsville and drop an artists’ space in there. That will help young people develop full personhood. And I want to continue Marty’s legacy of creating free spaces and venues for people to socialize. Thirty-five thousand people went to his concerts on a nice night.”


On the Job of Outgoing Brooklyn BP Marty Markowitz:

“Marty did an excellent job. People often call Marty a good cheerleader, but that’s not all he was. He took a borough that was an embarrassment, that no one wanted to invest in or believe in, but he did not let the visualization of Brooklyn to get in the way of his heart. We had one hotel when he took over. Now we have many. He turned Brooklyn from the ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.”


Race Overview


With current Brooklyn borough president Marty Markowitz leaving office at the end of his term, New York State Senator Eric Adams has emerged as his very likely successor. Adams had been challenged by former Councilman John Gangemi, but he has been officially removed from the ballot due to a judge’s decision that Gangemi does not have the required number of signatures.

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