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Race Overview: City Council District 27

Post-Primary Update


In District 27, I. Daneek Miller emerged from a crowded field with 24% of the vote



Race Overview


With term-limited incumbent Leroy Comrie Jr. briefly throwing his hat in the ring for the Queens Borough President race, the appeal of a soon to be open seat has attracted the attention of numerous hopefuls eager to be Comrie’s successor. In one of the most crowded races in the city, eight democratic candidates are currently registered. Daneek Miller, President of the Amalgamated Transportation Union, has amassed multiple major endorsements though Manuel Caughmann, Community Liaison to the New York State Assembly, is also raking in endorsements and is not too far behind Miller in fundraising. Also competing is Joan Flowers, attorney and former aide to former Governor David Paterson, who has received the former governor’s  endorsement. While Miller and Caughmann are perceived to be the front-runners, a crowded race has a heightened potential for surprises as Election Day approaches. The impact of Clyde Vanel’s late entry is still too early to asses, but the business owner and lawyer has already amassed a larger coffer than Caughman, putting Vanel right behind Miller. 





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