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Race Overview: City Council District 41

Post-Primary Update


In District 41, incumbent Darlene Mealy is victorious with 66% of the vote



Race Overview


With the exit of Al Jackson and Byron Wright, the candidate list for the 41st City Council seat has narrowed to Darlene Mealy, Kathleen Daniel, and Stan Kinard.  

First elected to the City Council in 2005, Mealy is the Chair for the Contracts Committee and the Co-Chair for the Brooklyn Delegation. Over that time, Mealy has helped to direct funds to various institutions that benefit the population in and around her district. In March of 2012, Mealy’s delegation provided a $3.5 million grant to the Kings County Hospital Cancer Care Center and she  was instrumental in the February 2012 passing of Intro 707-A, which requires the mayor to provide City Council with quarterly reports detailing significant increases in the initially contracted cost of large contracts for capital projects.


Despite her achievements, Mealy’s challengers have mainly argued that their district has been under-represented in the City Council. Kathleen Daniel’s campaign has based this argument on an October 2012 article in the Daily News listing Mealy as having as 23.9% attendance record, the worst record of any City Council member. Mealy has also been considered vulnerable based on her meager level of funds being donated towards her re-election campaign. Despite this, Mealy has still garnered numerous endorsements including 32 BJ/SEIU, the UFT, the Working Families Party, and the TWU Local 100. With a late entry, the new challenger will have a lot of ground to cover in order to pose a significant threat to Mealy’s incumbency. To her credit, Daniel has surpassed Wright for the second largest campaign coffer.





CD41 chart 


Note: A city council candidate can receive no more than $92,400 in public funds

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